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What should the pricing for 4 Over and/or Navitor products be marked up to?

​​The products on 4 Over and Navitor are YOUR pricing, NOT customer pricing, so you will need to mark it up before quoting your customer.   You can decide what your mark up should be, but typically you can mark up 40-50% depending on the product.  You need to make sure you make enough margin for the work you put into it.  For example: 1,000 standard business cards are only around $10 on 4 Over, but I charge my customer $100 plus tax and shipping.  I also add 20% up charge to my customer for shipping.  Profiting about $90-$100 for a very simple order. 

Do I need to get a LLC before I get my Resale Certificate?

Yes.  You will need to get an LLC if you don’t already have one, before you apply for your Resale Certificate.  If you already have an LLC for a broad company that you Swag Promotional Marketing would also fit under, then no need to get a brand new LLC, just use the one you already have for this as well. 

If I already have a website, and I want to use it instead of doing a new website through ESP, can I still link the products to my website?

Yes.  You can link the products to your website.  Please call or email your ASI Account Manager and they can help link it up for you.  This would still go under the “Standard” Package.  The “Basic” Package only allows you to have access to Suppliers and their products, but doesn’t allow you to link up those products on your website. 

When should you send Purchase Order through Quickbooks vs. ESP?

This is a preference.  I show you both ways to do this in the training.  However, I personally prefer Quickbooks, because it’s easily trackable for taxes, keeping book keeping clean and up to date, and I think easier (after you input all the product and customer information. 

Are there additional fees for joining 4 Over and/or Navitor?

No, there are no fees to join either 4 Over and/or Navitor!  You only need to fill out your information they request to become a member and have access.  

Does the Client provide the logo for products?

It is the clients responsibility to provide the logo to you for any promotional products they want.  However, if they don’t already have an established logo, then you could offer that as a separate service with a set design fee.  PDF is the best type of file to receive for a logo from you customer (Not Jpeg or PNG).  Some vendors will request VECTOR artwork.

Can 4 Over and Navitor be linked to my ESP Website or Personal Website?

No, unfortunately not.  However, you can communicate to your customers that you can provide great quality business cards, brochures, flyers, and many more paper products that they need.  Let your customers know! 

Is there a contract with ASI or is it month to month?

No, there is not a contract with ASI, you only pay month to month.

I notice 4 over has two sites ( &, which one should I use? is their “old” site, but has everything you need unless you want direct mailing, then use

If my customer wants quotes for 100, 200, etc. but ESP shows 72, 144, 288 etc how do I know price?

Minimum QTY is 72-143 (that would be the price used for QTY 100), QTY 144-287 would be used for QTY 200, etc

What is the typical markup for 4 Over/Navitor?

40% is typical mark up, but you can ultimately decide.  You can also request what your customer is currently paying so you can try and beat or match it.  If they don’t tell you, then you can mark up 40-50%, depending on how big the job is.  If the job is small QTY, and low price, I would mark up more so your work is worth while.  Business cards I do low margin because it gets me in the door (500 Business Cards = $60, 1k Business Cards = $100).

Does the customer pay me before I place the order?

No, you will pay with a Credit Card to your suppliers once you place the order, they will charge it once they ship the product and will then send you an invoice including the shipping, taxes, etc.  Then you will invoice your customer so that it includes all that information.  ***Please work with your Tax Accountant to make sure you are invoices your customers taxes correctly per State.  They can help you set this up in QB or whatever software you are using.  You then will pay Quarterly taxes to your State, so plan accordingly.