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  • Koozie
  • BIC Graphic
  • Hotline
  • HPG (Hub Pen Group)
  • Batch & Bodega
  • BCG
  • Beacon
  • Debco
  • Hub
  • Origaudio
  • PCNA
  • Leed’s
  • Bullet
  • Trimark
  • JournalBooks
  • Bel Promo
  • 3M
  • PostIt
  • Scotch-Brite
  • Scotch Brand
  • Nexcare
  • Command Brand
  • Futuro
  • AlphaBroder
  • Primeline
  • NC Custom
  • Ariel Premium Supply
  • Outdoor Cap
  • Otto Hat, and many more…



PromoSwarm EQP Program gives you the BEST and most COMPETITIVE pricing you can get, with the TOP Suppliers in the industry.  


Why is that important?  

As a NEW Distributor in this competitive market, being able to quote your customers competitive pricing, while still keeping plump margins, can be almost impossible on your own.  Most suppliers require you to hit a huge minimum (like $50k with just one supplier) before they grant any sort of discount.  
I didn’t like that.  I want you to have every opportunity to compete, and WIN, right out the gate!
I have developed relationships with the Top Suppliers and done over a Million Dollars in business over the years, so I have vetted the very best Suppliers and done the negotiation on your behalf,  so you can focus on the most important part: Your Business and Your Customers.
Let’s also not forget the confusion of having TOO MANY choices when it comes to Suppliers and Products to choose from.  I have done my homework, and also know from experience, the best in the BIZ.  No more spending hours searching and wondering if you are offering your customers the best options.  I have narrowed it down to the CREAM OF THE CROP, so only the very best make the cut.  All of these Suppliers I have hand-picked for PromoSwarm EQP will cover 90% of anything your customers need… your search is over!  
Thank Goodness…. phewwww…. you can take a sigh of relief now.  I gotchu!
For one low monthly fee of $50/month (for a minimum of 6 months), you will have access to all the Premier Suppliers, and the savings you get just from one order from PromoSwarm EQP will likely pay for itself the entire year.  
If you are a NEW distributor this is a NO BRAINER!  Even the most seasoned Veterans will see the insane VALUE this program offers, and join.
AND this program won’t just stop at EQP pricing with the top Suppliers.  PromoSwarm EQP is a Premier Membership that will be stalked with many other VALUE adds like:  
* Access to recorded interviews with industry thought leaders and Suppliers
* Downloadable Flyers you can email to your customers or print for any meetings
* Products of the month across various categories with discounted pricing beyond EQP
* Selling features and benefits for the top products ordered
* Easy Quick Guide for top products, broken down by industry, so you can be ready for any last-minute meeting, and look like a ROCK STAR with virtually zero effort.
* Prospecting Tips and Trick to have leads pouring in
* Discounted access to one on one or group coaching 
* Discounted or Free Samples from Premier Suppliers 
I created PromoSwarm EQP with YOU in mind!  I am on a mission to make sure YOU are wildly SUCCESSFUL because together we are STRONGER!
Will you JOIN Me?
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